Proclamation Requests

Proclamations are issued by the Governor to honor and celebrate events, recognize achievements or increase public awareness of noteworthy causes. Requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and are honored at the Governor’s discretion and subject to the guidelines of this Policy. The Governor’s Office reserves the right to decline any proclamation request or edit any draft language.

What is a Proclamation?

Proclamations by the Governor are issued at the discretion of the Governor as a courtesy to Wyoming residents in order to recognize a day, week, month, or for a cause of significant state wide interest. All proclamation request require an in-state sponsor and suggested language.

Timing for Request

Proclamations must be made through the Governor’s website no less than 45 days in advance. Requests may be rejected if not received within the deadline.

About Requesting a Proclamation

Proclamations must be filled out via this form. For further information regarding our guidelines please refer to our proclamation policy at the following link: Proclamation Policy (pdf)

Proclamation Request Form