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Governor Has Productive Dialogue on Coal Port Tour

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June 5, 2014


Renny MacKay
Communications Director

CHEYENNE, Wyo. – Governor Matt Mead traveled to Longview, Washington and the Millennium Bulk Terminals, a facility that plans to export Wyoming coal. Governor Mead heard from Washington State legislators and local elected officials who presented a variety of opinions on the topic. The port could create hundreds of jobs in Washington and would help expand markets for Wyoming’s coal industry.

“It was very informative to see this industrial site for myself and to see the work Millennium has done to make improvements. Another facility closed and laid off hundreds of people at this site. Millennium has spent $2 million to date on the facility. They have a good plan in place to put people to work and run an environmentally sound export facility,” Governor Mead said.

The port site could export up to 44 million tons of coal per year. In addition to touring the port site, Governor Mead had meetings with local officials and Washington State Legislators.

“These were productive discussions. I heard a diversity of viewpoints and thoughts,” Governor Mead said. “I appreciated their time, hospitality and constructive ideas for how to move forward. My main message was that coal is the fastest growing fuel source in the world and we should decide, when coal is used, where that coal comes from. Wyoming coal is low-sulfur and is produced in an environmentally sound way. We do excellent reclamation. I want to export Wyoming coal so that we create jobs in Wyoming and Washington. I do feel strongly that we have to ensure the transportation of that coal is done efficiently, safely and does not harm the environment.”

Governor Mead also had the opportunity to talk by phone to Washington Governor Jay Inslee on his trip. “We had another good conversation. I am respectful that I was in his state and we have differing opinions. But, I appreciated the chance to continue to talk through this matter with Governor Inslee,” Governor Mead said.

Governor Mead also invited the elected officials he met with to visit Wyoming and to see our communities and coal mines in person. “I want to keep the dialogue going. There are many topics to address, from train transportation to the Washington programmatic Environmental Impact Statement. I sincerely thank everyone in Washington - from the Governor to the city officials in Longview - for hosting me and taking the time to give me their opinions on this matter,” Governor Mead said.