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Governor Mead gives Closing Remarks to Legislature

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Governor Mead gives Closing Remarks to Legislature

CHEYENNE, Wyo. – In separate speeches to the Wyoming Senate and House of Representatives Governor Matt Mead thanked lawmakers for leaving their homes and families to come to Cheyenne and work on behalf of the state.

Governor Mead said that with the Legislature they made a lot of progress in addressing core areas. Those included jobs and economic growth, technology, infrastructure, supporting communities, streamlining state government, education and seeking Wyoming solutions.

“I am pleased that you all tackled so many of those issues and did it so very well. I am pleased as we look at the bills that come down that I have signed that the State of Wyoming should rightfully be proud of its Legislature,” Governor Mead said in his speech.

Mead Thanks

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The highlights Governor Mead pointed to were the passage of bills enhancing the contractor preference law, the manufacturers’ sales tax exemption, incentives for data centers and money to improve infrastructure. The Legislature appropriated $45 million for highway projects and $45 million for local governments.

“This is a way to further spur economic development and in part that is because 75% of that $45 million will go to capital projects,” Governor Mead said. “Such projects help lay the groundwork to attract new businesses and employers. We need to have the infrastructure in place that will bring in new businesses and help our companies grow.”

Mead Infrastructure

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Governor Mead also thanked the Legislature for the hard work on improving education. He said that the bills passed this year show Wyoming wants to have the best schools in the country and will not settle for poor performances.

(The attached photo is of Governor Matt Mead speaking to the House of Representatives on the final day of the session.)
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